Sakita Holley

Sakita Holley | Founder & CEO

The HOS team is led by Sakita Holley. Sakita has amassed an impressive array of consumer, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and corporate communications experience over the years. Her inquisitive nature led to a fascination with the mechanics of brand building and the art of persuasion. This curiosity fueled her desire to one day be the chief architect or engineer of big name brands and innovative upstarts that test the status quo.

Sakita is passionate about revealing/activating a person’s hidden talents and strengths so that they can reach their dreams. Through her public relations work she has…

…helped individuals increase their visibility, reshape their personal brands and start/grow their own companies.

…equipped small business owners with the foundational tools and resources necessary to manage PR campaigns for their organizations.

…helped Fortune 100 companies sustain and grow market share, boost their thought leadership activity and increase media exposure for flagship research reports through the combined use of print, broadcast and social media.

…assisted students that are interested in PR get industry internships and jobs while also serving as a mentor.

Prior to launching House of Success, Sakita held various roles on account teams at Prudential Financial, Ogilvy PR Worldwide, Jade Dressler Communications, The Britto Agency and national non-profit Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. She graduated with honors and distinctions from Howard University.